GSI Policy Network

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GSI Policy Network and Policy@Exeter

Policy@Exeter (Policy@Exeter | Policy at Exeter | University of Exeter) is the cross-disciplinary community of expertise and practice within the University of Exeter for policy engagement and policy learning. Social science led, Policy@Exeter is a whole-of-institution policy engagement clearing house for researchers in meeting the complex grand challenges faced by societies around the world. Rooted in its regional identity, Policy@Exeter acts as a national and global focal point for policymakers seeking partnerships and expertise with the University of Exeter.

The GSI policy network works alongside Policy@Exeter to develop relationships between scientists, public policy officials, private sector officials and philanthropy across the themes of GSI research. It works to maximise the usefulness of knowledge generated at the GSI and increase impact of GSI research across the wide transdisciplinary remit of the Institute.