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What is the GSI Policy Network?

We are an extensive network of new and innovative knowledge generators and users across the UK and worldwide. We reach out beyond our own expertise to establish long term relationships across society for the benefit of society.  We want science to be policy relevant so that research addresses the questions being asked and informs policy.

We engage in bilateral and multilateral knowledge exchange across our research themes which include climate science, energy innovation policy and environmental social science.

Together we want to revolutionise the science-policy interface and break down boundaries that stop effective action on issues affecting global and environmental systems.

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We take collective responsibility to transform the science-policy interface.

Together we want to connect experts and facilitate trans-disciplinary working in the interest of society. We want to see more accessible and policy relevant science being co-produced. We want science to be at the heart of policy making and we want to see resilient and robust policies drive change.

By becoming a member, you will be contributing to this transformation.

What the Network can do for you.

Connect experts

If you are looking for a scientist, decision maker, influencer, or practitioner the network can help connect you to the people you need to make your science more relevant or your policy more robust.

Get your science noticed by the scientific community

Want your science to be publicly available? The Network can help. Our Working paper series publishes scientific papers on global and earth systems governance.

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Help with communicating relevant science to businesses and policy makers

Making science available to decision makers is vital to transforming the science-policy interface. The Network publishes policy briefing notes aimed at addressing issues in global and environmental systems including climate change.

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Policy collaborations and Trans-interdisciplinary projects

The GSI policy network is committed to bringing academics and policy makers together to work on target projects to influence and incite policy change in global and environmental systems, including climate change.

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We aim to run events and workshops to help connect, transform, and inspire science and policy. Keep an eye on the events page for any upcoming events.

If you have an idea for an event or workshop or would like the opportunity to present to the network please get in touch.

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